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Recurrent Neural Networks: a suitable model for the brain?

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) form the architecture behind machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are undergoing an explosion in use – from computer vision systems for self-driving cars and Snapchat filters, to voice recognition and big data processing for research. These algorithms are powerful because they effectively program themselves; they learn associations between input

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Millennials and the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

Millennials and the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery David Ward, Emeritus Consultant Plastic Surgeon and current president of BAPRAS, informs us about the changing trends in plastic surgery, the difficulties faced by the profession and how standards can be maintained.      Recent figures from the USA and UK illustrate that, not only is the popularity of

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Improving student engagement based on a sample of n = 1 = me

Early experiences of primary care at medical school solely acted to solidify Dr Jodie Blackadder-Weinstein’s ambition to become a plastic surgeon. However, now a Portfolio RAF general practitioner enjoying her career more than ever, Jodie explains the inspirational chance encounter that changed her path, and encourages others to open their eyes to all possible career

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Licensed to Kill: Priming the Immune System to Kill Cancer

The following is a two-part collaborative piece by Dr Alexander Gray, Chief Medical Officer for IDEA Pharma and UCL alumnus, and Gordon Weng-Kit Cheung, a researcher at the UCL Cancer Institute. The article highlights the promise and potential of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer, featuring the early pre-clinical development happening right here at UCL.

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