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Seeing the Light: My Journey to General Practice

Dr Ahmed Rashid speaks of his personal experience in general practice, an important area of medicine that has recently been thrust into the spotlight. Foundation year one (FY1) is an odd time. After endless years of jumping through academic hoops and revising for increasingly difficult assessments, you finally get to make that satisfying phone call

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By Choice: Not by Chance Supporting Medical Students Towards Careers in General Practice

Professor Valerie Wass, Emeritus Professor of Medical Education at Keele University, is the Chair of the By Choice – Not by Chance report. Here she briefly explores the need for such an investigation and provides a summary of the task force’s findings and recommendations for the future. The Challenge Knowledge, technology and health care delivery

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Drugs, Sex & Gender: Why One Prescription Doesn’t Fit All

Issy Good explores how sex can be overlooked in science and what the subsequent consequences might be.   Researchers have recently explored and identified the different ways that men and women react to drugs. However, little consideration is taken regarding sex when it comes down to prescribing drugs and treatment course, and this extends to

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Barriers to Healthcare for Refugees and Migrants Living in the UK

How the NHS is failing a vulnerable demographic. The hardships faced by modern day refugees seem to form an unending list, yet while these prisoners of geography display outstanding resilience and bravery, the Western world continues to play the role of bystander and watch passively as innocent people are reduced to the collateral damage of

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