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Health Inequalities As Evidenced By COVID-19

Since the week ending March 20th, the UK has registered 61, 920 excess deaths. With the second highest death rate worldwide at the time of writing, the effects of the UK COVID-19 outbreak have been profound. But far from a ‘great leveller’, this quake has left an uneven landscape in its wake.

Dr. Hannah Allen: babylon Health

Dr Hannah Allen is the Associate Medical Director of Babylon Health, a service that provides remote consultations with health care professionals via text and video messaging on their mobile app. She currently works as a GP, and is passionate about improving the healthcare industry through innovation in new technologies, in particular, female health via “Femtech”

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Smartphones and Opthalmology

Dr Chrishan Gunasekera graduated from UCL Medical School in 2011. He is now an ophthalmologist involved in developing ways to use smartphones in eye examination and microsurgical training as well as an Honorary Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow at UCL. Here he shares with us his journey since graduating from UCLMS, and evaluates the medical technology

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Talking mindfulness

An interview with James Groves, final year medical student at UCL and co-founder of Mindful medics. Here he delves into what mindfulness is and the many benefits of making it a part of your life! When was it that you originally became interested in mindfulness? We all know the stressful environment that medical school can

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Cheating the system- Tackling the problem at UCL

  In March 2017, more than 270 final-year medical students from the University of Glasgow were forced to retake their OSCE finals after collusion was discovered. Over 40 students were caught using social media including Facebook and Whatsapp to share classified information about their OSCE stations with friends who had not taken the exam. While

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Is your GP better than Dr Bot?

  Myles Foley summarises Brian Cox’s “You and AI” panel discussion What is the role of AI in society – or, rather, what will become the role of AI in society? That was the overarching theme of the ever quick-witted Brian Cox at his “You and AI” event, an evening of debate and discussion with

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Recurrent Neural Networks: a suitable model for the brain?

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) form the architecture behind machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are undergoing an explosion in use – from computer vision systems for self-driving cars and Snapchat filters, to voice recognition and big data processing for research. These algorithms are powerful because they effectively program themselves; they learn associations between input

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MedEthEx: Artificial Intelligence and Medical Ethics

MedEthEx is a prototype system developed by Michael Anderson, Susan Anderson and Chris Armen, to address the issue of ethics in medicine. The authors claim that the system can serve a vital educational role – both in and out of the clinic – and provide medical practitioners with the tools necessary to survive in the

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The RUMS Review: Back to the Beginning

A short interview with Rebecca Mackenzie, a fifth-year medical student and co-founder of the RUMS Review. What prompted you to establish the RR? The fact that a student magazine for the medical school didn’t already exist, which was crazy considering all of the amazing things going on in-and-around the medical school. It’s also lovely for

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A Note from Prof. Gill

I am delighted, as ever, to be given the opportunity to provide an update about the Medical School for the RUMS Review. The most important update for the start of 2019 must be the long-awaited refurbishment of the Rockefeller Building to create a home for medical students. The initial work began in January and will

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Women in Medicine: Celebrating the Women of RUMS

‘Women in Medicine’ was a photographic exhibition of historical and contemporary female icons in medicine, held late last year at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Medical institutions across the UK nominated a current female representative of their speciality, who in turn paid tribute to historical women who have inspired them.  The Royal College

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