The RUMS Review: Back to the Beginning

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A short interview with Rebecca Mackenzie, a fifth-year medical student and co-founder of the RUMS Review.


What prompted you to establish the RR?

The fact that a student magazine for the medical school didn’t already exist, which was crazy considering all of the amazing things going on in-and-around the medical school. It’s also lovely for alumni to see what current students are getting up to, as well as for current students to see the amazing things alumni have gone on to do. This provided the perfect platform!

What was the most difficult thing about starting the RR?

The easiest thing was gaining the support of the RUMS committee and staff within the medical school, who encouraged and supported us from the beginning. The hardest thing was negotiating all of the legal, financial and logistical stuff which no one really thinks about when starting a magazine.

Where do you see the RR in five years?

With our wonderful new editors (and future editors to come), hopefully continuing to capture the RUMS spirit and shining a spotlight on the fantastic things that students, staff and alumni get up to. It would be nice for the publication to win an SPA award too – we’ve been nominated for multiple awards in the last few years, but haven’t quite clinched one yet!

What do you think readers of the RR enjoy most about the magazine?

Reading about staff and alumni, as well as what their friends have gotten up to! I know comedy column was a great hit amongst readers too.

If you could have one section of the magazine renamed in honour of yourself, which one would it be?

Not renamed, but it would be cool to do something interesting enough to be featured in the Alumnus Interview section in years to come.