A Note from Prof. Gill

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I am delighted, as ever, to be given the opportunity to provide an update about the Medical School for the RUMS Review. The most important update for the start of 2019 must be the long-awaited refurbishment of the Rockefeller Building to create a home for medical students. The initial work began in January and will involve a ‘decant’ of the small but beautiful medical student hub and the much loved, but truly decrepit, clinical skills centre in February to a temporary home on the 4th floor of the Huntley Street Building (just above where you attended for your medical school interviews!). The new ground floor space should be ready in the summer and will provide a great reception area that enables the administrative and student support teams and our students to interact better with one another and create a sense of welcome and home. The second floor, due to be finished for the start of the next academic year, will transform the student hub provision and the clinical skills centre beyond recognition. The next big piece of work is thinking about how we should decorate the space: it is one of the very few truly medical student spaces so let us know how we can capture and celebrate all sorts of UCLMS and RUMS achievements and UCLMS life.  

In other news, a huge thank you to the staff and students who are in the middle of a root and branch review of assessment in the MBBS programme; we hope this review will stimulate a series of recommendations and actions that will establish a new level of trust and confidence in us testing you fairly and appropriately and making our feedback on your learning as helpful as possible.

Finally, take the time to read the Review. Since its inception it has played a vital role in sharing information across our community and maintaining a sense of RUMS identity and pride. I look forward to working with the new and dynamic editorial team as they take it from great to greater!

Deborah Gill, Director, UCLMS

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